Thanks for joining me fellow warriors!

If you are anything like me, since my diagnosis I have realised that I am bloody strong willed, actively making the decision that although MS is one hell of a disease, I was not going to let it beat me.

When I was first diagnosed, I heard the phrase MS Warrior and thought people were joking. I did not feel like a warrior, I felt weak and defeated, and a fragment of my former self. Sometimes I still do (and that’s ok). I did not feel up to the inner battle of my immune system versus my body – and my immune system was winning hands down.

Nearly six years on from my initial official diagnosis and now on medication, I can say I am a warrior, and every MSer that I have met on my journey is one too.

I am hoping to post a blog around once a week exploring how MS has an effect on my life – the good, the bad and the awful. I am going to share how despite being continually knocked down, I have been able to get back up again. Hopefully, I will be able to share some MS hacks, tips and tricks that have made my life a little easier that might help you out.