A hairy issue

HairMy hair is falling out

I don’t mean normal strands in the shower, I mean lots of hair.

I had noticed more hair coming out in my hair brush maybe last year or the year before, but my hair was still really thick, curly and shiny, so I wasn’t too concerned. Then more recently, it has escalated to big clumps of hair whilst I am shampooing in the shower and combing

The worst was when I combed my hair after I showered and I noticed that I had BALD patches at the side of my head! I had bits of scalp showing through that I couldn’t see before. I hadn’t really noticed how thin my hair had been getting until I really inspected it and realised that I about a quarter of what I used to have!

Now, I have had a really stressful year, and I reckon that part of this increased hair loss may be due to that. It might also be down to ageing… they do say that your hair gets thinner with age (but come on, I am only in my 30s?)

So, I have actively made the decision to go and see someone about it – I have booked the appointment with a private specialist as hair loss isn’t covered on the NHS. I have already started using Minoxidil at the front (some kind of magical topical scalp treatment that reactivates your follicles into growing hair again) and it appears to have had some effect. I have also been taking a whole host of supplements that are supposed to encourage and boost hair growth, containing all sorts of natural things from biotin to zinc. But I really could do with some professional advice.

The problem with someone with a chronic auto immune disease like MS is that the hair loss could be caused by one of many things:

  • it could be another auto immune issue, where my body is attacking my hair follicles  causing my hair to fall out prematurely
  • it could be one of the many drugs that I am taking that are known to contribute to hair loss (the majority of DMTs are reported by users to cause hair loss, although this doesn’t seem to be a listed side effect)
  • it could be unrelated to my MS and just be stress
  • it could be female pattern hair loss/a hormonal issue

I think the worst thing about hair loss is that you never know when it will end, and there is always the fear that all of your hair will come out. I genuinely do not want to go bald. Have you had a similar experience to me? What have you tried? How was your visit to the trichologist?

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