MS at Work: Webinar

I thought you may be interested in hearing about a series of MS at Work webinars being hosted by the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) – the first of which is on 13th November at 12 midday (UK (CET) time)

It is well known that people with MS and other chronic conditions are still faced with challenges to remain or return to work. This needs to be addressed, especially when you consider that there is a strong positive relationship between staying in employment and improved wellbeing, mental and general health. I have been keen to remain in work for as long as physically (and mentally possible), and have personally found this challenging at times. I know that I am going to be grateful for this expert advice!!

In their first webinar in the series, Emma Rogan (Employment issues expert and MSer) and Graham Halsey (expert in Return to Work, Mental Health, and Absence Management) will be advising on practical things that you can carry out to address the challenges of having MS and staying in work.

In the webinar – you will learn:

  • What to do, or not to do about work when you are diagnosed with MS
  • How staying at work affects mental health and general health
  • The impact of under or unemployment on a person with MS
  • Practical steps to get back to work, or staying in work
  • Absence management evaluation
  • How staying employed benefits your family, local businesses, community and the local economy

You can also pose questions for this webinar on Twitter using  #MSatWork and tweet to @eumsplatform

For more information visit

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