Winter blues

Each year, it comes to around this time and I am filled with a sense of dread. Whilst the majority of MSers were thrilled with the declining heat as we moved from the summer into the autumn, I was reluctant to wave goodbye to my thin tops and sandals. I am now readying myself for multiple layers and preparing to wear my coat and scarf even when inside.

I realise that I am one of the minority of people who really struggle with the cold with my MS rather than the heat.  Now do not get me wrong, I am the same as anyone else in that I cannot stand a sauna, I can’t cook and hot baths are a thing of the past because it does something funny to me… fatigue (hello!!) BUT I am much better suited to a warmer climate than a cool one.

In winter all of my sensory symptoms are worse – the insects crawl more in my skin, my limbs tighten up more and become stiffer and the pains get stronger and deeper, my circulation gets poorer and my feet and hands never seem to get warm…

So when I stepped out the other morning and it was noticeably cooler, I was alarmed at the thought that we were quickly passing through autumn and were now fast approaching winter. I have started wearing my dressing gown in bed and have invested in some hefty slipper socks! I have even asked everyone in my family for winter woollens for Christmas this year!

Anyone else suffer with the cold more than the heat with their MS?

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