The makeup mask…

I don’t often wear makeup, mainly because I don’t have that many ‘spoons’ and need to use them on other things, and also because it seems to hurt my eyelashes for some reason (any advice on this welcome)

Anyway, on the occasions when I have worn makeup (yesterday being one of them) – I have found that the response I get from people is always the same.

Wow, don’t you look brighter today! You look a lot less weary…

And in some cases…

Has your MS gone away now then?


It’s so nice to see you putting some effort in for a change

Now, I am not complaining about people paying me compliments, and clearly makeup is serving its purpose in that it is a good mask of how I am really feeling… but I am always astonished at what you can hide with a little bit of foundation, quite a lot of blusher, eyeliner and a bit of mascara.  Oh, and a big smile hides everything!?

Having said that – I probably hadn’t worn makeup for about a year until and it was actually quite nice to put some on and look a bit more like the ‘old me’.

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