Wheelchairs and Scooters

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you have been enjoying the festive season. I have recently found that I am not too good on my feet on some days again, and also after a certain amount walking. I have been dealing with this by not going out, or walking anywhere, or just giving up. Some people I notice have some scooters or wheelchairs. I am not very god with the sticks?

I am not so good at supporting my bodyweight on the sticks when I am tired and I am not very strong – I don’t think it is a leg thing with me in most cases. I think it is more a fatigue thing. Once I am gone, I am gone… know what I mean?

I thought I would shout out to my blogger friends and find out if you have any tips and tricks or recommendations for good scooters (that are not grannified) or wheelchairs, or indeed some sticks I might have a good chance of using?

Anyway – enjoy the festive season remaining and let me know if you have an ideas


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