Life insurance…

Hello everyone!!

So this week I had the task of looking in to life insurance – the thing when you have been diagnosed with MS at a young age is that puts somewhat of a spanner in the works. There aren’t too many providers that consider MS – I was personally looking for income protection, critical illness and the normal life insurance cover.

Well let me tell you now… everything was going as I expected until I was asked the question by the broker of ‘are you symptom free?’

Honestly I think I might have snorted in derision – and I did make a comment about no person with MS no matter how stable their MS will ever be symptom free unless they don’t have MS anymore…

There were a whole host of questions to which would probably mean that the insurance company only covers maybe one person in every 10,000 – or the premiums are so high that no one can afford them.

The funny thing is that I was using an expert broker to find the insurance and he was so rude to me I don’t think I’ll be getting insurance through them… the lack of empathy and understanding was unreal.

I’d really like to know your thoughts on insurance and also if you have any advice? I am not looking for the cheaper cover, I’d like it to cover my Ms too if possible, especially whilst I am currently fit and healthy and can possibly cover myself for the future



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