Top Tips for Sleep Health

So recently I’ve been trying to work out why videos won’t upload onto my website. Despite paying for my subscription to WordPress, apparently I need to get the Premium membership to upload videos.

Personally I think this is a bit of a swizz… I make no money from my blog and so I am not spending more money each month on a new subscription. Well…. at least until some kinda revenue comes in from this.

So anyway. I wanted to do a few video blogs because then I am getting a better connection with you guys. You have no idea who I am, what I sound like Etc. However, I am terrified of appearing on screen and speaking openly about my thoughts… so for now you will be treated to my emoji. I think she’s pretty cool anyway.

I have uploaded my latest video blog onto YouTube and you can find it here.

Top Tips for Sleep in MS

Please go and watch it and write your comments… subscribe… like… whatever.

Let me know what other material you’d like me to cover

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