Selma Blair

For ages I didn’t know what to think about seeing MS in the media – i heard that they’d been covering stories in various soap operas (and by all accounts I have heard that they haven’t done that very well).

For me, having a chronic condition, I don’t want to be bamboozled by a reminder of it whenever I turn on the TV or go and look online. I think when I first read about Selma, I did feel gutted for her. I knew how I felt when I was first diagnosed and it was awful. I remember her saying that she was upset but also relieved, and I remember empathising with that at the time. However, I wasn’t sure whether her MS would just be another one of those celebrity things… she would pay for the best healthcare and then as if by some black magic, she would be cured and we would never hear of it again.

Well. I eat my words. I was absolutely touched when I saw this interview with Selma

Selma Opens up about her MS

I don’t often get moved anymore about my disability. Having been diagnosed quite a few years ago now… I’d like to think I’d become hardened to the ways of the disease. However, seeing Selma open up in an interview and be so brave, I was really moved. Yes, she’s a celeb and she is in the lime light, but I could see her very normal struggle with a crappy disease that affects me as well. I felt her pain and wished her a speedy recover from the flare up.

Although I do disagree with shitty storylines in soaps, I absolutely think we need to see the very real impact of MS like this in the media. I’m not entirely sure now Selma gets about in those ittie bittie high heels, but for as long as she can do… I hope she keeps on rocking in them.

Thank you for such an empowering interview Selma (and boooo for making me cry!!)


2 thoughts on “Selma Blair

    1. I absolutely agree! I was just so touched that she was reaching out when she was at her most vulnerable. I wasn’t sure what emotion it was that I was feeling – just really moved I think.


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