My first trip to the local Buddhist Centre

I tried to observe mindfulness more recently as I’ve struggled with some difficulties at work and wanted to find a bit of space in my mind. So – I found a leaflet for the daytime meditation classes at the local centre. I braved walking in. That was the first step. Do you not find that walking in is the hardest bit?

I’ve not been someone who has settled well to meditation and mindfulness – as someone filled with nervous energy and anxiety, I’ve always been someone who’s mind had wandered whenever I’ve tried to perform a meditation on my own.

Anyway. The experience today, once I got into the class was very powerful and I wanted to share that with you in case you found some benefit from the teaching. I will add that I am not a Buddhist myself, but I realised during the course of the session that the teaching would ring true for any person, and any religion.

The session today was about delusions and desires… Buddha had it right. A lot of our desires, worries and anxieties seem to stem from the same thing. It appears that they come from our close attachment to something – a strong desirous attachment. When we are worried about something, it is perhaps true that we are have a desirous attachment for how we want things to be rather than relaxing into being content, finding peace and accepting whatever might happen when we put our best self into whatever might come.

Whenever we are frustrated with someone or something, or someone is not giving us what we want (and that might be as simple as them not doing the dishes, making dinner or giving us a promotion at work) we are not accepting them for who they are. We are all wonderful flawed human beings – we have an attachment and an over expectation about how we want them to be, and they will always fall short in achieving that as they don’t fully know how they can meet what we want.

If you let go of your attachments, then you are more likely to be content. I mean honestly – this seems to be easier said than done. I know when I was sat in the class I was like – really?! You’re saying, just let go. And that’s it. I will find peace. I don’t know if it’s that simple.

Say for example – if you are being treated badly at work and your desire is to be valued and be treated well, and you put in your best efforts each day, I am still trying to work out how you can be content with your situation?! Perhaps a fellow reader can enlighten me?!

anyway. It seems that we can work on some kind of peace using several methods. Meditation is one of them and I practiced this today. I am not sure I am overly comfortable with the process and it seems to make me want to be sick for some reason! The other is to not think of what others can do for you, but to consider mainly on what you can do for others – call it interdependence if you will. In helping others and easing their suffering, you too will not suffer and should find happiness.

The last thing is just being and accepting that things are the way they are. Attachment is about not wanting things to be the way they are and wishing for something different because there’s something about the present moment, about the person in front of you, about yourself, that you don’t like. By meditating and interdependence, you can start to trust that things are OK just as they are. They might not be “ideal,” but they are just fine.

So – that’s my summary of today. I’ll wrap up by ending with that I met such a beautiful group of people today with such warm hearts. I will definitely be going back – id personally recommend going to your local centre and if you’re in Sheffield, or nearby please look up the Buddhist centre on Ecclesall Road for sessions – there is a free drop in every day from 8am and 11am. I’ll be back there for sure. Perhaps even tomorrow!

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